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90年代因為日本經濟泡沫化,對路亞的市場有了非常大的影響。但是松下社長沒有因為如此放棄了製造高品質產 品夢想與理念。當很多大廠都轉移到國外工廠來代工產品時,松下社長堅決不放棄產品的品質而把產品保持在日本 製造。

公司成立兩年後,引進了路亞界少數能夠設計路亞的設計師安達先生來帶領DUO的團隊。日本一直以來都被視為 漁具業的龍頭。至今,DUO已成立了15年,也被世界認為是日本的頂級路亞公司。

DUO的頂尖設計師安達先生保持著把產品動作設計到最好,加上頂級色澤的理念,至2011年已設計出250款路亞 ,也帶領銷售超過1100萬隻。


DUO was established in year 1995 when president Hisahiro Matsushita went independent from a lure manufacturer of a long tradition and started his own company.

The lure business of the 90`s was severely influenced by the Japanese recession, however Mr. Matsushita never compromised his principles and never gave up on his initial concept of making products of the highest quality. Adhering to this principle, even in time when majority of companies switched to foreign factories for cheaper labor cost, he did not abandon the production in Japan for the poor quality of the inferior production in the overseas market.

Two years after the launch of the company, sales revolving around products created at the hands of Mr. Adachi, one of the most acclaimed young designers in the country, were commenced and now in its fifteenth year, DUO is widely considered the top of the industry in Japan, a country widely seen as the top of lure manufacturing.

DUO`s top designer Mr. Adachi is well-known for keeping true to the height of basic performance and also has a world reputation for producing magnificent lures which simple beauty combines with an amazing performance. By the year 2011, DUO`s range of products includes over 250 models and the amount of lures sold reached over 15 million units.

In addition, since 1999 the company has also been active in the field of OEM and has been supplying products to some of the top brands in Japan as well as enjoying its own success.

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